Although the news is unofficial, the major media outlets in the country and the world are reporting: the three-banded armadillo is chosen by FIFA to be the mascot of the 2014 World Cup. Earlier this year the Association Caatinga creator of the campaign “Tatu-Ball World Cup 2014 Mascot” made it through the launch of social networking and the Internet. The impact was so great that the campaign spread by radio and television.

The proposal came as an idea to combine environmental concerns and commitment to the biggest sporting event on the planet, through the three-banded armadillo has, in her own name, the football player, and is 100% Brazilian and one of the few species with the ability take the form of a ball when it feels threatened.

This is a very threatened species and to save it from extinction we need efforts and investments in protecting the forests of Caatinga and Cerrado. Excited about the announcement, the Association Caatinga remain committed for the 2014 World Cup leave an important legacy environment, in addition to the legacy infrastructure and urban mobility. After the World Cup we want the three-banded armadillo and many other endangered species continue to exist.

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