In the Nature Reserve Serra das Almas can be distinguished three vegetation formations:

-Training Dense seasonal deciduous shrub Montana (Carrasco).

- Forestry Training seasonal deciduous submontane (dry forest).

- Non-forest tree seasonal Training / thorny deciduous shrub (Caatinga).

Are formations that have different faces according to time of year. In the rainy season takes the green landscape of the account, while in the dry season most of the plant loses its leaves in response to water scarcity.

You can find trees like: Mororó (Bauhinia spp.), Joazeiro (joazeiro Ziziphus), Pau d'arco (Tabebuia ochracea), Jaborandi (Pilocarpus spicatus) Aroeira (Myracrodruon urundeuva), black Jurema (Mimosa tenuiflora), Sabia (Mimosa caesalpinifolia), Jatoba (Hymenaea spp.), Combretum leprosum (Combretum spp.) Thorn (Acacia glomerosa). Among the species of cacti deserve attention: the mandacaru (Cereus jamacaru), the xique-xique (Pilosocereus gounellei) and the crown-of-friar (melocactus macrodiscus). The bromeliads calls popularly macambiras and Croats belong to the genera: Encholirium and Bromelia. Altogether can be found more than 320 species of plants.

The reserve is also home to several animal species, including some endangered species. In the last survey we found 45 species of mammals, 237 of birds, 44 of reptiles and 34 of amphibians. During the trails one can find several of these species, such as friendly soins (common marmoset), capuchin monkeys (Cebus), the song (Cyanocorax cyanopogon), bird walking in groups, among several others that can be observed and incorporated provided that it is a lot of attention and silence.

The Nature Reserve Serra das Almas also contributes to the conservation of endangered species such as the ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), the puma (Puma concolor) and the brocket deer (Mazama gouazoubira). The large number and diversity of birds makes booking a great place to practice birdwatching.

The Caatinga Association was established in Fortaleza in October 1998 with the support of the Fund for Conservation of Caatinga , established by Samuel Johnson for the protection of carnauba . It is a non - governmental, non-profit , recognized as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) and registered with the National Registry of Environmental Entities (CNEA) .

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